Ancient Barber Shop Giacalone


 Barberia Giacalone

This barber shop, which is no bigger than 10 m2 and is situated in the heart of the old quarter in the maze of alleyways and ancient palazzi facing the port, was opened in 1908 by Emanuele Giacalone for dockers and sailors in a 17th century building. It was redecorated in Art Nouveau style in 1922 by Vetreria Bottaro, the same firm that carried out further renovations here almost a century later. This little gem of elegance and sophistication was run by Emanuele’s son Italo. Following his death, the barber’s shop closed for a time before being refurbished and reopening in 1992 thanks to FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian National Trust), who entrusted the shop to Tony Ferrante; Ferrante is from Sicily and runs this old-school barbers with proper old-fashioned wet shaves. The light inside is almost dazzling with the effect of the mirrors as the walls and the ceiling are bathed in emerald green, cobalt blue and gold, these being the dominant colours of the glass panels with the patterns of diamond shapes and intersecting arches lining the premises. Then there are the classic white tiles, the oval mirrors above the original wash basins, the wall lamps and the central chandeliers. This is a shop harking back to a bygone era and the atmosphere of the Belle Époque, which explains why the old time salon chairs are rarely empty.

Genova, Vico Caprettari, 14 R

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One of the few places to have preserved intact the original decor, this barber shop attests to the transition from Art Nouveau to Art Deco. In 1949 one of the scenes of the film The Walls of Malapaga was shot here, starring the unforgettable Jean Gabin.