Arduino Antiquariato


 Arduino Antiquariato

Alberto Arduino, an expert goldsmith who picked up the techniques of filigree work, had his workshop in Corso Torino, where he worked from 1870 to 1904. In 1907 he relocated to premises on the 16th century Strada Nuova which were used the previous century by the “Cafè Restaurant de la Concordia”, a favourite meeting place for Genoese high society due partly to its location with the greenery of the hanging gardens at Palazzo Tursi. In 1893 the elegant establishment with the wrought iron gazebo received a visit from Elisabeth of Austria, who stopped “for refreshment”. When Alberto died, his daughters inherited the business and ran it until 1971, when it was taken over by Lidia Pasquario. Since 2010 it has been owned by Caterina Ottomano, whose small but intriguing shop sells antique, vintage and contemporary costume jewellery, ceramics from Albissola, military medals and decorations from both world wars, coins from the Republic of Genoa, Murano glass vases, Sheffield stainless steel and silverware as well as her own original handcrafted creations. The stock is tastefully arranged, arousing your curiosity as it takes you back in time. The shop sign and windows are the originals from the early 20th century, as are the entrance and the black and white marble floor.

Genova, Via Garibaldi 15-17

Tel: +39 347 7816534






The furniture, consisting of display cases and drawers beneath, some with their original handles in the form of a shell, lines all the walls. The sturdy pitch pine counters are the ones from the Concordia, originally with a faux wood finish and subsequently coated with blue enamel.