antica polleria

Since 1910 the poulterer’s shop in Vico del Ferro has offered a dazzling display of assorted poultry and game, vaguely reminiscent of a 16th century still life. A veritable gem in the heart of the old quarter, the shop is almost identical today to the original premises owned by Angela Bajardo and her husband Giovanni Canepa. The poulterer’s was taken over by their son Elso, who sold it in 1978 to Anna Aresu and her husband Sergio Timossi, who would often wear the “uniform” of butchers or poulterers and was a distant relative of the Canepa family. A century after opening its doors for business, now we’re up to the fourth generation: Sergio’s son Matteo and his wife Silvia passionately cultivate the family tradition and welcome both locals and tourists alike with open arms. The shop is colourful and cheerful like its owners, and almost all of the decoration is the original dating back to the early 20th century: the massive wrought iron door with the geometric design, the shopfront, the ceiling with the meat hooks and joists, the white majolica tiles on the walls with Art Nouveau embellishments and the white marble counter inlaid with decorative diamond shapes conveying the same effect as an altar antependium. In contrast, the Genoese marble chip flooring is from the 1950s. The attractive wood and steel doors to the cold storage rooms are the originals behind which, in the early days, blocks of ice were used to preserve the meat.


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This antique egg candler consists of a marble cylinder with a hole in the middle originally intended for a candle and nowadays fitted with a light bulb. Candling is a technique whereby an egg is placed in a recess inside the cylinder and then examined using the light source behind it to illuminate the interior of the egg; the smaller the air cell, the fresher the egg.