caffè confetteria e pasticceria 

Initially opened in 1876 under the name of “Fossati & Gismondi”, in the 19th century boulevard Via Roma and the oval shaped Piazza Corvetto, one of the city’s biggest and most elegant piazzas, this café later became “Gismondi & Mangini” and then, from 1945 onwards, simply “Mangini”. Since 1957 it has been owned by the Rossignotti family, confectioners from Sestri Levante who maintain the café’s tradition of direct production of gateau, pastries, pralines, nougat, chocolate, the Sacripantina cake with its layers of sponge soaked in maraschino and liqueur, and rich filling, and the traditionally square Zena cake. The old-world atmosphere is enhanced by the large number of regulars. Past patrons include Sarah Bernhardt, Gilberto Govi, Eugenio Montale, Camillo Sbarbaro and the much-loved former Italian President Sandro Pertini, at that time editor of the newspaper Il Lavoro; Pertini would come to Mangini for a coffee and a croissant with friends, and today the sophisticated room inside is dedicated to him. The premises, which were partly refurbished in 1945, retain the original entrances and windows with only slight changes. The interior is elegantly and evenly designed with the rococo influence of the wall mirrors, chandeliers and fine gilded stuccowork. On the black and white chequered floor is the fine moulded and inlaid wood counter, which may be the one originally installed.

Genova, piazza Corvetto, 3 R

Tel: +39 010 564013




In 1893 Sissi, Princess Elisabeth of Austria, “...travelled by motor car up Via Roma to Piazza Corvetto, stopping to buy sweets in the shop owned by Mr Gismondi and Mr Fossati”. Many decades later, in the 1960s, in the middle of the city traffic a table from Mangini was used as a prop by actor Ernesto Calindri for a famous TV commercial for a leading brand of bitter liqueur.