Pasticceria Liquoreria Marescotti di Cavo


Marescotti di Cavo

pasticceria liquoreria

Established in Genoa in 1780 as Cioccolateria Cassottana, in 1906 it changed name to Marescotti. It is located in the 13th century Loggia Gattilusio, which belonged to a prominent family of Genoese traders. Following initial renovations, the Marescotti, who were from Novi Ligure, proposed a merger between the patisserie of the Court of Savoy and that of Genoa, also offering their stock of aromatic wines and vermouth. The establishment became well known amongst both the locals and people travelling to Genoa by steamer. Whenever the Cioccolateria was unable to fulfil an order on its own, it would seek the assistance of the Cavo patisserie, which had a similar style and tradition. In 1979, after the death of Irma Marescotti, the family decided to shut down the business but not to sell the premises since they had no guarantee that the patisserie tradition would be continued or that the shop’s interior decoration would be preserved. Consequently, the fine Charles X style furnishing, as well as all the brass and marble, were hidden from public view for three decades. Behind the 14 crystal glass windows the products were left as originally arranged in the pots on the nickel silver shelves, the change was in the “National” cash register and the order for cream for the milkman was still sitting on the counter, all under the “supervision” of the Madonna del Dito (Our Lady of the finger) and the clock opposite.

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In 1996 Alessandro Cavo, representing the fifth generation of confectioners who, at the end of the 19th century, invented the famous amaretti di Voltaggio and were friends and partners of the Marescotti, first envisaged reopening the patisserie he had seen as a child: almost twelve years later, on 18 April 2008, his dream finally came true and the shop started trading once again.