Pescetto abbigliamento

The shop was opened in 1922 in a palazzo built by the Imperiale family of nobles in the middle of the medieval quarter of Genoa by Lucho and Mario Pescetto, whose father Giuseppe Niccolò founded a firm called “G.&M. Pescetto” in 1899 in Via San Lorenzo: a “haberdashery” according to the Chamber of Commerce Company Register, but in actual fact a store selling quality silk, fabric and underwear for the high-end market. It was Mario who moved into designer fashion and renovated the interior decoration and the shopfront under the supervision of Fausto Saccorotti, an interior decorator who from the 1920s onwards designed the furniture and layout for many places, basing his work on the aesthetic ideals of the Austrian secession and of German rationalism. The counters, shelves, stools, mirrors, and window and door frames were made by the “Alberto Issel” company; their invoice dated 29 April 1939 refers, without false modesty, to the “work of a distinguished artist”. The Art Deco furniture is made of teak and the drawers are lined with vellum. Today, the shop in Via Scurreria and the more recent one in Via Roma are run by Mario Pescetto’s children and his grandchildren Alessandra and Francesca, who proudly and tenaciously carry on the family tradition of simple, classic and elegant fashion clothing for men and women.

Genova, Via di Scurreria, 8 R

Tel: +39 010 2473433






This is a favourite with the Genoese on account of its designer labels, with the cashmere, alpaca, camel-hair, Shetland and merino knitwear in the refined atmosphere on the ground floor. Upstairs you will find the brand “dgp élite Vintage”: sophisticated items of clothing and sought after accessories that will only appreciate over time.