Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano (Via Roma)


Pietro Romanengo

fu Stefano

Via Roma

This later branch of the original shop in Soziglia opened its doors for business in the late 1920s in Via Roma, the boulevard built between 1866 and 1877 at the insistence of the Genoese middle class and at the expense of many medieval and 17th century buildings. Romanengo chose premises in the palazzo owned by the Berio family – olive oil producers from Oneglia – and decorated them simply with fine wall mirrors, chandeliers and functional furnishings made by the Genoese cabinetmaker “Bisso”, one of the finest craftsmen of his day. The original furniture is still there, arranged in the same way on the black and white chequered marble floor, creating a warm homely setting with a convivial atmosphere for generations of gourmands. The unusual appearance, elegant but at the same time unpretentious, is consistent with the in-house style of the firm and shows no signs of aging; it is particularly appreciated by foreigners and other out-of-towners. The shop has preserved some of its original documents and equipment from over two centuries of business. This long and prestigious history has been acknowledged on numerous occasions both in Italy and abroad.

Genova, Via Roma, 51 R

Tel: +39 010 819051

Mail: romanengo@romanengo.it

Web: www.romanengo.it




In 1857 for the visit to Savona of Vittorio Emanuele the townspeople ordered Romanengo’s “exquisite assorted demi-sucres” and later, for the marriage of Prince Umberto I to Margherita of Savoy in 1868, the order was “candied fruit, demi-sucres and small gilt metal bonbonnieres”.