fabbrica di cioccolato

The Zuccotti chocolate factory, synonymous locally with tradition and quality and also well known outside Genoa, was established in 1933 by Alessandro Zuccotti, who was passionate about confectionery and learned his trade at the Vedova Romanengo, a renowned shop that closed after 204 years of excellence and is sorely missed. On the strength of that experience, Alessandro opened his own store in Via di Santa Zita, in an area that underwent urban development at the turn of the 19th century, in former stables that were patiently renovated. These were the beginnings of “Alessandro Zuccotti fabbrica di cioccolato e bomboneria di lusso”, an establishment that was very popular among the area’s middle-class residents. The difficult war years forced the shop to close for a time, before it was reopened with renewed enthusiasm, thanks partly to Giuseppe Gianello, a young apprentice who was both keen and talented. Alessandro Zuccotti adopted Giuseppe and the quality of their joint efforts was to give this shop a cult following among the Genoese. When Zuccotti died, Giuseppe inherited the business and today his son Giulio manages the enterprise together with his sisters Francesca and Chiara. The carefully selected sacks of cacao and delicate handmade chocolates are presided over by four generations: grandma Angela Maria is still behind the counter while the grandchildren are raised on a diet where chocolate is a staple!

Genova, Via di Santa Zita, 36 R

Tel: +39 010 580504

Mail: cioccolateria@zuccotticioccolato.it

Web: www.zuccotticioccolato.it




The plain decoration – the sign outside, the counter and shelves inside – reflect the original appearance of a shop that still uses the old equipment, such as copper basins, for the main production processes of refining, roasting and moulding; there are also original documents and recipe books that are still in use.